Surgery and Exodontia of Third Molars

It is the specialty of dentistry dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of alterations, injuries and problems of the oral cavity and its nearby structures.

This is dedicated to the extraction of teeth like third molars in bad position (known as "wisdom teeth" or "wisdom teeth"), simple or complex surgeries, among others without the need for an operating room.

The extraction, as part of oral surgery, consist in the extraction of the tooth or a portion thereof from the alveolus in which it is found, by means of adequate techniques and instruments. Dental extraction is usually a simple and basic operation in most cases, although we must not forget that a series of complications can arise unexpectedly and before which we must be prepared to solve them. For this we must know perfectly the anatomy of the teeth and the neighboring anatomical structures, the different techniques, the necessary instruments to be able to carry them out, and of course when the extraction of a tooth is indicated or not.

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